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imagesInvesting in some new upholstery fabric is the perfect way to update the look of a room in the home - or even the exterior of a home for furniture on a decking area or in a summer house. Choosing new fabrics with different shades, colours and patterns can bring a new lease of life to furniture, and prepare it for the new season.

Summer is one of the most bright and uplifting seasons of the year, and your upholstery fabric can be changed to reflect this. Although reupholstering your furniture on a whim of the season is not practical or in the budget for most people, decorating a few key pieces of furniture with these fabrics can add a touch of summer all year round.

The first type of summery pattern that can be great to invest in is something with a print that is reminiscent of the summer season. This can include ice cream prints, checker board patterns with beach balls and sand castles, or patterns that features summer fruit such as slices of watermelon and strawberries.

This is also a great way to add some fun to your upholstery, as all of these patterns are vibrant, interesting and out of the ordinary. As mentioned above, these are often a great choice for furniture in a summer house or for patio furniture that you only get out during warmer times of the year.

Other great prints and patterns that are appropriate for the season include butterfly prints, floral prints, tropical flora and fauna prints and nautical themed prints. These are slightly more subtle in their design and are not so exclusive to the season - for example a nautical print can be perfect for any room with a nautical theme or color scheme.

Butterfly and floral prints of various designs and hues are also gorgeous in the home all year round, adding the feeling of something light, airy and reminiscent of summer without being too kitsch or seasonal. Furthermore, there is a great deal of choice here in regards to color and designs on the market to choose from.

Of course, injecting a little bit of summer into your decor with upholstery fabric does not need to be restricted to the patterns that you choose; often, color alone will be more than enough to impart a summer vibe, and is ideal for those who are generally not so keen on patterns or cannot find one that suits their preferences.

Choosing vibrant hues and pastel colors is often a great way to update upholstery fabric for the warmest season of the year. This brings a touch of the light and bright into the home, which can bring some life to a room during the brighter seasons of the year. In contrast to warm and cosy shades in the autumn and winter, light and colorful shades are perfect for spring and summer.

Colors that are great for this time of year include pale and rose pinks, baby blues, light greens, yellows and corals. All of these are representative of the colors we find outside in nature at this time of the year, and therefore look fantastic on furniture.
Although blocks of color in these shades can look great, there is also the choice to select very subtle prints and designs, such as a upholstery fabric which features its colors in a 'watercolor' style print rather than a regular plain color. This has the appearance that the color has been painted on a blank canvas and can look stunning and very summery indeed.

For those looking to bring some warmth and life to their home to match the brighter weather outside, here are just a few ideas that you can use to decorate - or redecorate - your furniture this summer.

images (2)Have you ever wondered why so many women from college going girls to celebrities are driving towards the charming anarkali style suits? What makes these suits so popular? Women today love to wear beautiful anarkali suits on various occasions such as festivals, weddings, engagements, and office functions, among others. In fact, due to the comfort these suits provide, most women prefer them over sarees for a few occasions. So, what are the reasons behind the popularity of long designer anarkali suits? Top 5 reasons, according to us include -

Indian Version of a Gown -

If you see the look and style of the gown, there is no surprise that these are the Indian version of a modern gown, and due to this, they are a perfect choice for formal events. The floor length, beautiful handwork or embroidery designs, and the combination of bright colors are perfect version of Indo-western fusion that everyone is sure to love.

Easy to carry -

When it comes to Indian wear suits and sarees are extremely popular; however, sarees can be difficult to carry and straight cut suits may not suit every occasion. On the other hand, an anarkaliu suit makes you look stunning while keeping the comfort intact. The best feature of these suits is that they are extremely easy to carry.

Highlight your positive body parts -

Are you among those who are not comfortable with showing your abdomen or back area due to excessive fat, stretch marks or any other body issue? If yes, you may any day replace a saree with an anarkali style suit. In fact, these suits can perfectly be used to camouflage your figure, while hiding the flaws at the same time.

Add a royal touch -

These suits have been associated with royal families for a long time, and that's why, if worn with perfect accessories, these can look extremely elegant and classy, while making you feel royal at the same time.


downloadDenim has been the traditional choice for most people of all ages. It is one kind of a fabric that does not wear and tear off easily. The concept of embroidery on denim material was brought about by the most famous jeans company in the 19th century. Since then this concept has become so popular among people that it has become the new trend in the fashion industry. Once a casual wear material, it has now become the basic necessity of every closet in almost all youngsters' home.

To make embroidery and thread designing look elegant as well as attractive on denim fabric certain tips are listed below, which you can use to design some great pieces of clothing.

• Keep it safe from being stretched: Even if there is a little bit of carelessness in handling new and well fitting jeans, it can cause the wear and tear of your brand new jeans due to overstretching. Thus, care should be taken to keep the fabric as stable as possible so as to avoid puckering of the fabric. Although the denim material is known for its durability, still cutaway stabilizers should be used to keep the stitches crisp to avoid it from getting wrinkled.

• Choose your designs wisely: Since the denim is a tough material, designs with large embroideries are preferred on it rather than the ones which are so fragile that they seem to get lost in the fabric. One could also try doing appliqué work on them since the sturdy material of the denim is best suited for heavy embroidery appliqué work.

• Contrast the designs with the background: In order to avoid making the denim look monotonous, you can use the designs in contrast to the colour of the denim. Care should be taken not to wash it too regularly otherwise the design might fade away. Designs make with dark colour threads lasts longer, thus they are preferred over the lighter shades.

• Choose the correct thread type: Threads should be chosen in such a way that their colour stays bright and radiant even after several washes. Polyester threads mixed with rayon have the strength as well the colour durability and are hence used for making designs.

• Recycle and reuse: Since denim is a very durable fabric you might get bored of wearing the same jeans as it might not get torn. In these situations, all you can do is to recycle it and reuse it, maybe as a cushion cover or as a traditional bag and make customised embroidery on them.

images (1)Physical attributes vary with each person. Wearing clothes by matching your hair colour, eyes and skin tone help to enhance your individual features. Very often, you might have seen that the dress that looks beautiful in the store does not look well on you. Also, you might be addicted to a particular colour just like most people tend to do. This is because that single colour complements not only your skin tone but your hair and eyes too. So, buying the clothes of right colour is very important to enhance your looks.

Here are a few tips for selecting the clothes that go with you.

Know your skin tone

There are usually two undertones in people's skin - cool and warm. These undertones help one choose the right coloured dress. Undertones can be determined by the colour of the veins on your hand. If the veins are green, you have a warm tone, whereas if you have blue veins, you have a cool tone. Your entire appearance can be changed by the right analysis of your undertone.

Identify your right profile

The colour red is used as the basis for choosing your profile.

• Warm based red - It includes orange and scarlet red along with a yellow touch. If warm based red clothes look good on you, then you have a warm profile. Peacock blue, dark green, orange, yellow, coral and watermelon are the ones that will suit you the most.

• Cool based red - If you look good in fuchsia violet, evergreen, cherry reds, peppermint and baby pink, then you have a cool profile. Navy or royal blue, black and grey are the best-suited for cool profile people.

Understand the colour wheel

The colour wheel helps to show the relationship between complementary, secondary and primary colours.

Complementary - Pick any colour of your choice and trace the finger to its opposite direction, in order to get two types of complementary colours, one being cool and other, warm. If they happen to complement on the wheel, they are likely to be suitable for your clothes as well. Place the colour chosen for your skin tone near your face to determine what looks best. It will further help you in picking the right accessories as well.

Analogous - The colours that are found to the right and left of your selected original colours are the analogous ones. They complement each other and thus, can enhance the beauty of your wardrobe.