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download (12)Boyfriend jeans have been pretty popular these days, but it is true that skinny jeans enhance not only your style but your confidence as well. These pairs look perfectly good on anyone. They can be worn with any kind of top, as they fit absolutely well. They are generally as comfortable as leggings too. But choosing skinny jeans that perfectly fit your body shape is difficult.

There are some ways listed below, to ensure that your bottomwear fits you perfectly.

• Always go for high-waist wear over low ones. Skinnies that have clinches above the hips after wearing have many advantages. Your curves can be accentuated by the high-waisted bottomwear in all the right places. It helps to prevent the risk of muffin top and plumber's crack. It also hides the lower-back tattoo, making you look more stylish.

• While selecting your denims, always make sure that the zipper functions properly. Zipper should not slip down when you are in movement. It should have a strong grip and should go up to the button. Always test the zipper before buying them. Otherwise, it might be the reason for your embarrassment before the others.

• Showing off the ankles is now among the latest trends. While cutting off your jeans, properly measure the length up to your ankle so that your ankle bone can be seen. Such ankle length fashion goes with both, the sneakers and heels. Avoid excess fabric at the bottom part. Do not go for very short ones, as they can make your legs look thicker.

• Ensure extra leg room while buying. Go up one size, if you cannot put your jeans above your thighs easily. It should fit your skin tightly but not too tightly. You should be able to do some basic work like to pick up something from the floor without feeling uncomfortable.

• Always choose jeans that have high and close pockets. The back pockets should not show any pocket lining. These pockets should fit squarely. Such pockets help you to have a visual booty lift. Never opt for saggy and wide pockets as they can make your look wider.

• Leave some crotch space. Never ever go for camel toe jeans. Try ones with more space in the butt, if you ever feel friction in the crotch part. It helps to add little room between back and front.

Thus, always follow these above tips in order to buy a stylish pair of skinny jeans. These tips will help you to select the perfect one that adds extra style to your looks.


download (11)Options to consider before buying a watch. Finding yourself in a jewelry store full of watches can be a daunting experience. There are so many brands, styles, and technologies and not to mention prices. The purpose of the this article is to get you prepared for when you walk in that door, or buy online

Analog or digital. There are three basic watch formats digital, analog and analog-digital, each type has their fans, however most of your topline watches tend to be analog. Digital watches as a whole are less expensive, Analog-digital are next with full analog the most expensive. Digital watches have their place. For example, if you need a stopwatch a digital or analog digital may be your best bet. Though true analog watches are among the most expensive budget price analog watches can also be found.

Water resistance: Watches are rated from 30m to 300m water resistant. You may well want a water resistant watch but most of us aren't divers that need a 300m (or 1,000ft) rated resistance. You should look for a watch with at least 3ATM (100m) water resistance. However; don't overbuy in this category

Movement: All watches these days are one of two categories mechanical or quartz. Quartz watches can be broken down into automatic, battery or solar powered. Mechanical watches are either automatic or hand winding. Most mid-priced watches will be battery powered. Mechanical watches, and more specifically hand winding watches, once the mainstay of watches have been largely replaced by Quartz models.

Watch Shape. Classic men's watches are round, square or rectangular, with round being the most prevalent. Women's can be these same shapes while fashion watches can be of almost any shape. However, the round, square, rectangle classic look can be worn with just about anything, anywhere. Best to go classic for men. Women can buy watches for the outfit but classic are still your best buy for all around wear.

Case and band materials: Case and band materials are typically stainless steel, ceramic or plated base metal. The choice is largely up to the consumer. However stainless steel and ceramic will last the longest without showing wear. Gold-filled is preferred to gold plate, the thickness of the gold filling being 100% greater than gold plate. Gold filled like solid gold and unlike plated gold is non allergenic. Solid gold or silver of course is the ultimate but the price will be high and is most appropriate for dress wear. Let me not leave out Leather bands, they are classy, and usually less expensive to replace. They are very attractive on a dress watch but one should think twice before buying them for strenuous work or play regiments.

Case size: Case size is typically between 40-44mm for men and 36mm or smaller for women. There are exceptions and size is largely a matter of taste. However as a general rule watches should not extend wider than the wrist.

Features: Features are many and should be chosen by need. Most watches have a 12-hour dial, but 24-hour dials can be had. Watches with Chronographer, altimeters, calculators, alarms, backlights, atomic radio controlled and compass are all functions that are available in the marketplace. However one word of caution is the more accessories you pile on a watch, the greater the likelihood of failure of one or more. Buy the functions you need, don't be for example, and be lured into an altimeter in Kansas.

I hope this brief article will you give you some things to think about before buying that watch and narrow the choices before you face the salesman.


images (9)Girls with long thin legs seem to be more appealing to people as compared to girls who are comparatively shorter in height. It is the dream of every girl to have a good figure accompanied by a good height. However, as they say, danger always comes in disguise. So is the case in having a good height that might prove to be a bane when it comes to selecting the correct clothing.

Finding a pair of stylish jeans can become a daunting task for you if you are tall. Thus, if your stars are favouring you right and you have managed to find a pair of jeans which fits your best, consider it to be your most prized possession in your life.

Here is a compiled list of all the reasons why jeans meant for tall girls are designed a little differently.

• Inseam shorter in length: Inseam is a technical term used to describe the length of the pants in inches. Commonly jeans makers choose 34 to be ideal inseam. However, jeans with an inseam of 37 are also available in some shades and styles but you would have lesser options to choose from. The inseam of 37 works best for girls having a height of 5.8 to 6 feet.

• Lighter shades are only available: Most pairs of jeans with longer inseam are manufactured in lighter shades of colour because lighter shades are believed to accentuate the volume of the lower half of your body. This works best for girls who have a slimmer physique, camouflaging their height to make them look even taller.

• Shorter hemline reaching till the ankle: Jeans meant for taller ladies have hemline reaching their ankle. However, this kind of jeans is preferred as it boasts up your curves making you look all slim and trim due to the tapering near the ankle of your legs.

• Most of them are skinny in nature: Most of the jeans available for tall girls are skinny. These types of jeans are considered to be ideal for tall girls having an average height of around 6 feet, which enhance the look of all feminine features in their body. Having an inseam of 38, they fit you tightly on the legs, making your limbs look thinner.

• Size of the waist: Care should be taken to find a pair of jeans which fits right on your waist; otherwise, it can give you a disproportional look.

Thus, these points should be kept in mind if you are shopping for a pair of jeans for taller girls, as their kind of jeans is a little unique and a bit difficult to find.


download (10)Gone are those days, when people didn't know even about the "F" of fashion. In fact, they all were unaware about the proper clothing style, hair dressing, footwear dressing, etc. But, it is true that time never waits for anyone. It changes continuously. Indeed, our lifestyle also changes with time. Nowadays, fashion is continuously spreading its feather in every part of the world.

It is true that there are endless fashionable products for both the genders which make them unique as well as dazzling. But, nothing can take the position of footwear as it is the most integral part of the fashion. It plays an essential role in our daily life. Well! As you all know that feet are one of the most important parts of our body. The feet help you in different kinds of activities in a day like walking, standing, running, etc. In fact, they help you to move from one place to another easily with the set of few steps. Even they are quite soft part of our body and still very helpful to tolerate the weight of the whole body. Thus, we should always take care of them with the satisfying pair of footwear. A small mistake in choosing a pair of slipper may surely lead to foot injuries like swelling, feet sore, rashes, scratches, etc. Due to injuries, it becomes little hard to do various kinds of moving activities for an individual. An individual gets rid of such injuries only with a soft pair of footwear.

All the people always want to look tip-top from top to the bottom every day. A person can't appear more alluring even in a terrific and fashionable dress without a good pair of footwear as it accomplishes the fashion effectively. No doubt, women are known for their beauty. They always want to look charming and graceful at anytime and everywhere. Generally, women love to wear high quality clothes and fashion accessories. But, they appear unattractive without a latest pair of slipper. Footwear helps to enhance the personality of women in an efficient ways. Fashionable footwear upgrades the status not only of women, but also improves the personality of men. An individual can make themselves more impressive with a perfect pair of footwear. In today's time, fashion also attracts the kids towards it. The children are much smarter than us. They also want to look dazzling in order to make an impression in front of everyone. In short, footwear makes everybody presentable and confident.

There are a number of online shoes shopping portals which provide unlimited collections of attractive and comfortable footwear for men, women and kids. An individual can easily prefer different footwear with latest designs according to their choices for different occasions like formal party, casual party, birthday party, marriage party, festival, etc.

But, there are lots of questions generally strike in one's mind before buying any product like, whether the site is reliable or not? Is the portal is one of the best shoes online platforms? Is the website offer a cost-effective slipper or not? Is the site providing quality products or not? Actually, it is the human tendency to think over different online platforms before purchasing any products either dresses, fashionable accessories or slippers. Well! E-shopping portals act as an asset in order to save precious time as well as the energy of people. One can also get rid of from several problems such as traffic jam, parking, etc. It also offers different varieties of products at reasonable prices without compromising the quality of the products. An individual can easily avail the facility of the online shopping platform by sitting in a relax mode at their home.