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download (7)Shopping has never been that easy. It takes just a few clicks and we can buy whatever needed. In fact, our options are endless now as we can browse through hundreds of thousands of product categories on the internet. We can buy t-shirts from any top brand and that too, without going out of the house. We can directly visit to the site of the manufacturer, and place the order. In fact, there are many online retail shops with a huge listing of t-shirts to help you find what you look for. In a sense, options are endless when it comes to buying products from the internet.

So, are buyers satisfied with the available options on the internet? Have all their wishes come true in terms of online shopping? No, buyers are not fully satisfied with the available options and all their wishes are yet to come true. They are yet to find features of designing their own products. They still can't enjoy customization option with online shopping. More so, e-commerce shops are not offering personalization features to buyers. Clearly, there's a lot still to be done when it comes to shopping from the internet. Buyers continue to lack all those facilities that give them a sense of freedom while buying products from the internet.

In simple terms, buyers today want to design, customize and personalize their own t-shirts. They don't want to buy products designed by experts and they are not comfortable with the idea of not getting what they need. Buyers don't want to rely only on the available stock or inventory at e-commerce shops. Rather, they want to exercise freedom and design products as per own tastes and preferences. They expect online shops to sell as well as provide the option of customizing products. This way, both the parties - buyers and sellers - will have their goals met in the desired manner.

In a sense, buyers have evolved a great deal so do their tastes and preferences. They understand the available option in the marketplace and they know that the prospects and products are available for designing and customizing t-shirts. Above all, they want to extract every penny worth of the money they invest in buying of some products and thus, they look for personalization option with great expectations. They want online stores to integrate some kind of software or tool to enable designing features. They want to design each and every part of the t-shirt and they want to give it a personal touch.

But the question is, can buyers do all this? The answer is, yes, they can. There are many feature-rich tools or software available in the market delivering designing and customization features to buyers. Such tools have been designed to extend the freedom of buyers and help them add anything they want to design t-shirts meeting their specifications in true sense. Although only a handful of top online shops use such tools, nonetheless they will surely gain popularity in the days to come from bringing such pioneering concept to the market. Surely, more shops will integrate these tools to give buyers freedom of product designing.

In a nutshell, the days are not far when buyers will prefer visiting only those online shops that have integrate some kind of T-shirt design software or give them the option of designing their own t-shirt. If you run a web store, you should also understand the changes witnessed in the behaviour of buyers these days. You should equip your web store in a better way so that it can easily meet the requirements of the today's generation. If you don't, it will then impact your business big time for sure.

download (4)People usually notice printed t-shirts easily as they can make statements when worn. T-shirts are staples in most people's life. The printed t-shirts present the print to all those who go by and this is exactly why they are considered good promotional tools. Smart entrepreneurs and business people make use of the t-shirts in order to improve a company's visibility and urge many individuals to turn into buyers of the company products.

It is real good technique to use printed t-shirts as promotional materials as it is easy to print on them. When designed perfectly, it can carry out your message in the form of words or depictions which will be stuck in people's mind. This will help people in identifying and recollecting during discussions. Printed t-shirts are seen by everybody you come face to face with and thereby acting as a tool in spreading the word. When someone inquires about what is on your t-shirt you become an ambassador of the brand. You would be creating the first impression of your brand.

T-shirts can be long-sleeved or short. They are both good tools of marketing. Printing and advertising materials are usually expensive a cost a fortune, however t-shirts are comparatively cheaper and easier to make. The only thing you have to do is choose the design, color and mention how many pieces you would require.

These printed t-shirts can be used by anybody who is interested in promoting their business. The shirts benefits non- profit organizations as well. The members of the organization can wear the t-shirts and this attracts individuals who may want to support your cause. Usually you find providers giving consumers free t-shirts which can be worn to office at least once a week.

People who play team sports usually use custom t-shirts and jerseys. You can cheer your team by wearing a similar jersey with their logo on it. These can be given to sports fans that would pay you a bomb for them.

There are a few considerations to be made when buying these clothes. You need to ensure you choose a provider that has a wide choice. They need to be experienced in custom printing and should also possess all the tools required to create a good product. They need to be aware of all the types of printing techniques. They also need to use high quality products. Ensure to request for samples before you zero in on the provider.

download (2)The concern about environmental pollution and their effects has sparked a lot of debate and heat in many a recent conference at the global level. Initiatives on eco-friendly substances, ban on certain harmful poisonous substances resulting from industrial production and released as waste, and other ecology-threatening issues are raised, debated and followed up with policies aimed at 'cleaning-up' the environment.

In India, the textile industry with its processes of dyeing and printing involves a lot of chemicals or colours being used and the residue drained into nearby ponds, streams or even rivers. This automatically poses a health and environment hazard to humans and marine life making use of these water sources for various purposes.
Since the water pollutant is the chemical colour or dye, alternatives have to be found and substituted.

The solution already exists for the change to be initiated, with the increased use of vegetable dyes that neither contaminate nor pollute the environment.

Vegetable dyes are made from the processing of vegetables and their skins while natural dyes include vegetable dyes and also dyes are made from many other substances from nature.

Vegetables like beetroot, tomato, carrot, onion, some leafy vegetables and fruits like pomegranate, grapes, guava, are examples of the vast and abundant sources for vegetable dyes available in nature.

Turmeric, acacia, red sandalwood, henna, madder, lac dye, are well-known examples of materials other than fruits and vegetables for natural dyes.

The advantages in the use of natural dyes or eco-friendly dyes over chemical dyes in textiles are many, but the more important ones are: Eco-friendly dyes are easy on the skin and do not irritate or affect it, while chemical dyes do have a mild to noticeable effect.

Eco-friendly dyes are fast colors and do not run despite several washes over the years. Artificial dyes have a tendency of spreading in the next or after a few washes. Fading, dullness or change of colour in a short period after repeated washes, is a foregone conclusion for chemical dyed apparel.

The raw materials for eco-friendly dyes are directly available from nature. Chemicals for chemical dyes have to be specially prepared from a combination of different substances, through special laboratory methods or large scale industrial processes. Wastes from the use of vegetable or eco-friendly dyes are neither harmful to human life nor do they pollute. Whereas it harms human life and pollutes when chemical dyes are used.

The advocacy for natural dyes has been since long, and policies for their use have been made and enforced in developed nations, like the US and most countries in Europe. The same cannot be said for India and many other smaller countries where the textile industry contributes significantly to the GDP.

Major hitches that have been encountered in the widespread use of natural dyes are their high cost of extraction and processing, limited technical inputs and capability for cheap extraction, very few shades and limited blends available from a colour.

- The cost of natural or organic dyes is relatively high compared to that of chemical dyes,

- There is limited know how about extraction methods and the process is costly.

- The colour yield is quite low from raw material sources for natural dyes. The quantity required for a project would involve too much more in comparison to the quantity of chemical dyes available for the same. Hence costs could be put as 20 to 30 % higher.

- Getting most shades within a colour and blending of colours from natural dyes is very much limited in comparison.

But in the recent couple of years, there has been a marked change and interest. The market has become increasingly aware regarding environmental issues and there is an increasing demand for the use of natural dyes, especially for apparel, textile cloth for furnishings and other items of household use. The ban on certain class of azo-dyes, in the light of possible hazards and the use of vegetable dyes being actively canvassed and given whole-hearted support for, by various research institutions, NGOs, public figures and environmental activists, has helped the cause.

The opening up of exports of natural dyes to developed countries, the growing of raw materials for the making of natural dyes becoming a new avenue for rural entrepreneurship and a means to livelihood and increasing voices in international meets to address environmental issues rigorously, have largely helped in the re-birth and renewed growth of Natural dyes, especially since with the advent of chemical dyes with their advantages of being cheaper and easily available, the existence of the eco-friendly or Natural Dyes was threatened some time.

download (1)In an age where women's wear online shopping has made it increasingly easy to find different styles and kinds of clothes, you're undoubtedly spoilt for choice. As long as you have a strong internet connection and a decent budget, you can lay your hands on all kinds of clothes.

However, not everything you buy and wear will look amazing on you. Often, we end up buying a particular dress only because it looked good on someone else. This is a rather disastrous move.

In order to ensure that you look your best no matter what you wear, we've compiled a cheat-sheet for you that elaborate dressing right for your body type. In this article, we talk about one of the most appreciated body types during the Renaissance period - the 'Apple'.

Apple: Fuller midriff with comparatively slimmer limbs.

The best part about having an apple shaped figure is that you have thinner hips than most other body types. While most body types have a bigger tummy, with the right kind of dressing, you have the power to simply recreate your body's silhouette.

Top wear - Ideal tops for apple shaped women are ones that skim close enough to show off your curves, but do not cling to your body in any way. Opt for tops that flow and drop in a way that leaves just the right amount to the imagination but still gives away the basic shape of your silhouette. While picking colors always choose to dress in shades of the same color rather than color blocking as you won't end up dividing colors at your midriff. Always pick tops with darker colors around the mid-section so as to take the attention away from the problem area and instead go ahead with tops that have details around the bust. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying tops for women online shopping. However, make sure to consider your own body type before a purchase. Just because something looks good on a Women's casual western wear model, doesn't mean that it will look good on you too.

Bottom wear - Women with apple shaped bodies are best complimented by A-line skirts as they tend to give your silhouette a very hour-glass appearance. Stick to shorter skirts and shorts as they draw the eye to your hips and thighs and accentuate the best areas of your body. Avoid any skirts that are too tight as these can bring too much attention to the midriff and make you look bulky. Honestly speaking, unless absolutely necessary, never opt for anything that is too tight or mid-length as it makes you look frumpy. If you are wearing trousers, find a pair that is just slightly pleated - this makes your waist appear smaller. The next time you're shopping from your favorite Women's fashion clothing brand online make sure to select styles that complement your apple-shape.

Dresses - Drop-waist dresses that end around your waist, but not too obviously as well as empire-waist dresses are great options as long as your mid-riff does not become the centre of attention. Just like the skirts, your dresses should be ones that just skim around your waist without clinging. The most flattering necklines include ones that are sharp - such as the V-neck or accentuate your bust line. Stay away from halter necks as they accentuate your upper body and are rather unflattering.

Jeans - The key point of consideration when buying jeans is that you should always pick pairs that accentuate your backside rather than your waist or tummy areas. Choosing jeans that have back pockets with flaps or detailing is a great idea as it gives the illusion of a fuller bottom, balancing out your heavier midriff. Wider bottomed or boot-cut jeans are also great to balance out the width of your waist and legs. You can also go for Plazzos for Women Online Shopping as their wider bottoms take the attention away from your middle.

Celebrity Inspiration - Angelina Jolie is probably one of the most famous slimmer Apple-Shaped personalities out there. Her style choices are definitely iconic but you can choose her as an inspiration to design your wardrobe. Other famous apple-shaped celebrities include Tyra Banks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. One of the most famous Indian Apple shaped celebrities would be Minissha Lamba.


images (3)As the cold season fast approaches, it is essential to arm yourself with accessories that will protect you against the winter. However, this does not mean that you need to get rid of your stylish self. You can be able to do to get yourself an accessory that is not only stylish, but that also keeps you warm. One of the most essential ones among these are winter scarves made of fur. As you make a purchase of these items, there are some considerations that you need to make in order to get the best from the many that are there to choose from.

Firstly, you need to decide on the type of fur that you want. Thus is due to the fact that there are all kinds of animals whose coats are used in tailoring any given scarf. It is therefore essential to decide on the one that you want. It all goes down to personal tastes. The texture of these coats vary from one animal to another and is something that one should be aware of before making their final selection.

The second thing that you must put into consideration when selecting fur scarves is the size that you want. You need to have an idea of exactly how long the scarves that you go for should be. This also applies to the width. There are those ones which fall just below the shoulders while there are others which stretch all the way to the waist. It is therefore obvious that one should select one that they would find comfortable wearing even as they protect themselves against the cold weather. Go for one that offers you all-round protection while at the same time being of a size that you can walk around with without feeling awkward.

It comes as no surprise that the color of the one that you go for should be a key priority. There is a great number that is on offer, each coming in a different set of colors. You need to purchase one that will offer you wholesome warmth while simultaneously being of a hue that suits you. Whether you want ones that are golden-colored, purple or gray ones, you need to make the color an important consideration.

As you make a purchase for these accessories, you also need to put into consideration the other accessories that you would be wearing alongside them. These may be fur caps or any other one. You need to keep them harmonious by selecting the ones that would complement one another. Take the scarf that goes well with not only the other accessories but also this clothes that you would be putting them on with. It is crucial to go for items that would make contribute to your whole outlook and make it cohesive rather than ones that would clash with one another.

download (3)Embroidery is a traditional art, of decorating portions within a fabric such as a design, motif, a border section or some other with decorative needlework. There are some forms which are excellent, there are a few others which are exemplary. For not only is it the outcome, but also the complexity of the task and its time-consuming achievement, which makes the embroidery, unique and inspirational. There are some gems which have belied time, that have carried over the ages and still remain inimitable to this day.

Handcrafted embroidery is exclusive, unique, inspirational - a treasured art, since it is painstaking, time consuming, and a lot of care and dedication is put into it by ethnic practitioners, resulting in flawless creations of exquisite beauty. There are numerous forms of thread work practiced across the land, many are simple by way of doing, some are elaborate by way of both theme and execution.

And then there are the gems that have been carried across the sands of time by extremely devoted practitioners that are unparalleled in form, development and outcome. Such precious arty pieces are rare, with some extraordinary aspect or the other related to the origin and propagation helped by lovers of the unusual, that has kept them alive and flourishing till date.

Embroidery forms that have become popular

Zardozi is metal embroidery done on various fabrics like salwar kameez and sarees using gold or silver colour coated copper wire along with a silk thread. Popular since Mughal times, zari thread employed for zardozi, is imitation zari using gold or silver coated copper wire or mostly zari made from metallic polyester film, where a polyester core is covered by gold or silver coloured metallic yarn. Seemingly ordinary, this form of embroidery has an exhaustible variety and till date has remained as one of the most popular forms of embroidery.

Chikankari is intricate embroidery on salwar kameez and other canvas fabrics. An art form from Mughal times, encouraged by them and continued till date, the design or pattern embroidery once done with white thread on equally white or whiter plain fabrics uses coloured threads too. But this has neither dimmed the lustre of the art nor limited its variety. There are still too many designs and patterns that remain to be explored over a lifetime. Lucknavi chikankari is the most unique and famous of chikan work in India.

Kantha Work, the running stitch on designs in the form of motifs is embroidery work done on salwar kameez, sarees. These motifs could be animals, birds, flowers, simple geometrical shapes and scenes from everyday life. It gives the fabric a wrinkled and wavy look transforming a supposedly plain one into an extraordinary creation. Experimented with other stitches such as darning stitch, satin stitch and loop stitch, the fascination for Kantha has increased tremendously. Based on the use of the fabric, Kantha is divided into seven different types with Lep kantha and Sujani kantha being the popular types.

Bagh is special floral embroidery practised by women in rural Punjab. Heavy, exquisite embroidery on salwar kameez especially the lehenga type, where the base fabric is hardly visible, it is mostly done for special salwar suits for occasions like festivals and weddings. Phulkari or the floral embroidered motifs evenly distributed over the fabric is the lighter version of Bagh.

Kasuti is traditional embroidery of Karnataka, India. Kasuti work is very intricate, involves putting a large number of stitches by hand on traditional sarees like Ilkal, Kanjeevaram, Mysore Silk and handlooms like the Dharwad cottons. Kasuti embroidery has intricate patterns like chariot, lamps and conch shells on the fabrics. Its practitioners are gypsies or tribal folk but the art is sublime - untouched, unparalleled.

Kashida is embroidery done in the Kashmir valley, draws its subjects from nature and its offerings like leaves, floral arrangements, fruits, nuts etc. to be displayed as motifs on the rich Pashmina salwar kameez, shawls and other apparel.

Kutch embroidery is microscopic, exquisite, painstaking and absolutely awesome. It is a test of patience skill, memory and devotion rolled into one. The sensational designs and patterns that form from calculated stitches are done purely from memory. The outcomes are exotic masterpieces that have a blend of traditional flavor and modern day art. It is another masterpiece from the nomads of the desert, the Kutch region of Gujarat.

There are some others like the Parsi Garo embroidery known for their intricate thread working, with unique patterns and exceptional detailing.

These forms of threadwork are unique, distinct, exceptional and highly inspirational. Yet they have one thing in common. They have originated from humble places, been taken up more as a pastime and sometimes a need, yet the practitioners have not failed to do what is needed for a piece of work to be transformed as a beautiful art.

It is lovers of art who have through their ability to distinguish between ordinary and extraordinary that such art forms have been given their due place in the sun. There are very many more handicrafts of skill and accuracy spread across the country, where some like these, have got their well-deserved attention; others not as fortunate though, to get even the slightest attention of some encouraging body or well-wisher to bring them their due.

imagesInvesting in some new upholstery fabric is the perfect way to update the look of a room in the home - or even the exterior of a home for furniture on a decking area or in a summer house. Choosing new fabrics with different shades, colours and patterns can bring a new lease of life to furniture, and prepare it for the new season.

Summer is one of the most bright and uplifting seasons of the year, and your upholstery fabric can be changed to reflect this. Although reupholstering your furniture on a whim of the season is not practical or in the budget for most people, decorating a few key pieces of furniture with these fabrics can add a touch of summer all year round.

The first type of summery pattern that can be great to invest in is something with a print that is reminiscent of the summer season. This can include ice cream prints, checker board patterns with beach balls and sand castles, or patterns that features summer fruit such as slices of watermelon and strawberries.

This is also a great way to add some fun to your upholstery, as all of these patterns are vibrant, interesting and out of the ordinary. As mentioned above, these are often a great choice for furniture in a summer house or for patio furniture that you only get out during warmer times of the year.

Other great prints and patterns that are appropriate for the season include butterfly prints, floral prints, tropical flora and fauna prints and nautical themed prints. These are slightly more subtle in their design and are not so exclusive to the season - for example a nautical print can be perfect for any room with a nautical theme or color scheme.

Butterfly and floral prints of various designs and hues are also gorgeous in the home all year round, adding the feeling of something light, airy and reminiscent of summer without being too kitsch or seasonal. Furthermore, there is a great deal of choice here in regards to color and designs on the market to choose from.

Of course, injecting a little bit of summer into your decor with upholstery fabric does not need to be restricted to the patterns that you choose; often, color alone will be more than enough to impart a summer vibe, and is ideal for those who are generally not so keen on patterns or cannot find one that suits their preferences.

Choosing vibrant hues and pastel colors is often a great way to update upholstery fabric for the warmest season of the year. This brings a touch of the light and bright into the home, which can bring some life to a room during the brighter seasons of the year. In contrast to warm and cosy shades in the autumn and winter, light and colorful shades are perfect for spring and summer.

Colors that are great for this time of year include pale and rose pinks, baby blues, light greens, yellows and corals. All of these are representative of the colors we find outside in nature at this time of the year, and therefore look fantastic on furniture.
Although blocks of color in these shades can look great, there is also the choice to select very subtle prints and designs, such as a upholstery fabric which features its colors in a 'watercolor' style print rather than a regular plain color. This has the appearance that the color has been painted on a blank canvas and can look stunning and very summery indeed.

For those looking to bring some warmth and life to their home to match the brighter weather outside, here are just a few ideas that you can use to decorate - or redecorate - your furniture this summer.

images (2)Have you ever wondered why so many women from college going girls to celebrities are driving towards the charming anarkali style suits? What makes these suits so popular? Women today love to wear beautiful anarkali suits on various occasions such as festivals, weddings, engagements, and office functions, among others. In fact, due to the comfort these suits provide, most women prefer them over sarees for a few occasions. So, what are the reasons behind the popularity of long designer anarkali suits? Top 5 reasons, according to us include -

Indian Version of a Gown -

If you see the look and style of the gown, there is no surprise that these are the Indian version of a modern gown, and due to this, they are a perfect choice for formal events. The floor length, beautiful handwork or embroidery designs, and the combination of bright colors are perfect version of Indo-western fusion that everyone is sure to love.

Easy to carry -

When it comes to Indian wear suits and sarees are extremely popular; however, sarees can be difficult to carry and straight cut suits may not suit every occasion. On the other hand, an anarkaliu suit makes you look stunning while keeping the comfort intact. The best feature of these suits is that they are extremely easy to carry.

Highlight your positive body parts -

Are you among those who are not comfortable with showing your abdomen or back area due to excessive fat, stretch marks or any other body issue? If yes, you may any day replace a saree with an anarkali style suit. In fact, these suits can perfectly be used to camouflage your figure, while hiding the flaws at the same time.

Add a royal touch -

These suits have been associated with royal families for a long time, and that's why, if worn with perfect accessories, these can look extremely elegant and classy, while making you feel royal at the same time.


downloadDenim has been the traditional choice for most people of all ages. It is one kind of a fabric that does not wear and tear off easily. The concept of embroidery on denim material was brought about by the most famous jeans company in the 19th century. Since then this concept has become so popular among people that it has become the new trend in the fashion industry. Once a casual wear material, it has now become the basic necessity of every closet in almost all youngsters' home.

To make embroidery and thread designing look elegant as well as attractive on denim fabric certain tips are listed below, which you can use to design some great pieces of clothing.

• Keep it safe from being stretched: Even if there is a little bit of carelessness in handling new and well fitting jeans, it can cause the wear and tear of your brand new jeans due to overstretching. Thus, care should be taken to keep the fabric as stable as possible so as to avoid puckering of the fabric. Although the denim material is known for its durability, still cutaway stabilizers should be used to keep the stitches crisp to avoid it from getting wrinkled.

• Choose your designs wisely: Since the denim is a tough material, designs with large embroideries are preferred on it rather than the ones which are so fragile that they seem to get lost in the fabric. One could also try doing appliqué work on them since the sturdy material of the denim is best suited for heavy embroidery appliqué work.

• Contrast the designs with the background: In order to avoid making the denim look monotonous, you can use the designs in contrast to the colour of the denim. Care should be taken not to wash it too regularly otherwise the design might fade away. Designs make with dark colour threads lasts longer, thus they are preferred over the lighter shades.

• Choose the correct thread type: Threads should be chosen in such a way that their colour stays bright and radiant even after several washes. Polyester threads mixed with rayon have the strength as well the colour durability and are hence used for making designs.

• Recycle and reuse: Since denim is a very durable fabric you might get bored of wearing the same jeans as it might not get torn. In these situations, all you can do is to recycle it and reuse it, maybe as a cushion cover or as a traditional bag and make customised embroidery on them.

images (1)Physical attributes vary with each person. Wearing clothes by matching your hair colour, eyes and skin tone help to enhance your individual features. Very often, you might have seen that the dress that looks beautiful in the store does not look well on you. Also, you might be addicted to a particular colour just like most people tend to do. This is because that single colour complements not only your skin tone but your hair and eyes too. So, buying the clothes of right colour is very important to enhance your looks.

Here are a few tips for selecting the clothes that go with you.

Know your skin tone

There are usually two undertones in people's skin - cool and warm. These undertones help one choose the right coloured dress. Undertones can be determined by the colour of the veins on your hand. If the veins are green, you have a warm tone, whereas if you have blue veins, you have a cool tone. Your entire appearance can be changed by the right analysis of your undertone.

Identify your right profile

The colour red is used as the basis for choosing your profile.

• Warm based red - It includes orange and scarlet red along with a yellow touch. If warm based red clothes look good on you, then you have a warm profile. Peacock blue, dark green, orange, yellow, coral and watermelon are the ones that will suit you the most.

• Cool based red - If you look good in fuchsia violet, evergreen, cherry reds, peppermint and baby pink, then you have a cool profile. Navy or royal blue, black and grey are the best-suited for cool profile people.

Understand the colour wheel

The colour wheel helps to show the relationship between complementary, secondary and primary colours.

Complementary - Pick any colour of your choice and trace the finger to its opposite direction, in order to get two types of complementary colours, one being cool and other, warm. If they happen to complement on the wheel, they are likely to be suitable for your clothes as well. Place the colour chosen for your skin tone near your face to determine what looks best. It will further help you in picking the right accessories as well.

Analogous - The colours that are found to the right and left of your selected original colours are the analogous ones. They complement each other and thus, can enhance the beauty of your wardrobe.