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download (6)Besides choosing a different colour tie to change your look a bit, there are other accessories that aren't as loud as a colourful tie but can still be seen and complement your look well. These accessories are easy to choose and can be found at many men's suits stores.

Not falling too far from the tree, the bow tie is a good way to change your appearance. It may be odd to wear at first but these can look great for most black tie events. Men don't often wear necklaces so a bow tie complements the neck nicely in a less flashy way.

Pocket squares break the colour flawlessly. The touch of colour gives the appearance more depth. Since it is only in the breast pocket, the colour of the pocket square should match the tie so it doesn't look too awkward.

On the metallic side of accessories, you can wear cufflinks, tie pin, brooches and collar tips.

Cufflinks all have a unique style to them and if you want to be different but not too boldly then the best way to go about it is by getting the small metallic accessories. Like a bracelet or a watch, the cufflinks also make a good statement especially if you are not the kind of person to wear a watch. Cufflinks can also give your style a unique look.

Tie pins are minimal but give your look personality. They can be personalised, designed or plain. Tie pins make the tie stand out without doing too much. They are also useful to men who don't want their ties flapping in their faces.

Brooches also give the men's suit a unique look. Although it sounds feminine, the brooch is actually a good way to stand out. They often resemble your status the same way a medal resembles that you have been in a war.

Collar tips were meant to serve as weights for when the wind blew. In this era, the collar tip is also a style and status accessory. The accessory is a good way to show off class if they are connected with a chain. The triangular tips are better to use for casual attire.

It's easy to complement your appearance and make it classy. In the previous two centuries, men's statuses were often defined by what they wore. You can still have your status defined without having to spend too much money.

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